Analysis or analyze, mean to inspect or look over something again in order to get the satisfied results. Also, analysis means to decide whether something is useful or bad. For example, if I was asked to analysis whether having an exotic fast car is good or bad. I would say having an exotic fancy car is good; however it might kills me because it’s super fast. I think there is a difference between analysing something and just thinking about it. Thinking about something is an idea or illusion that only happens in our imaginary world. Analyzing something is to observe something carefully and to break it down into pieces in order to get its meaning.

Lately, I have analyzed my relationship with my girlfriend. I found out that I don’t need any relationships at this period. I need to be focused on my study, work, and family. Having a girlfriend in my opinion is wasting of time. My girlfriend and I, used to hang out all the time. I couldn’t get my college papers done,  had to reduce my work hours, and couldn’t spend more time with my family and friends. Analyzing that problem helped me a lot. Without having a girlfriend I can study more hours and take more classes, increase my work hours, and be with my family most of the time.

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