Can you live without writing? I can’t. Writing is like you have another trustful friend that you can rely on.  By writing, the person can expose his/her problems, secrets, and funny incidences. Everyone makes mistakes while writing, that why we need other helpful sources, such as dictionaries, grammar books, and instructor. Writing helped millions of deaf people worldwide, by typing books, magazines, letters, and articles. Writing helped me personally.  Recently, I created a supportive page on Facebook to the Bahraini revolution. That page’s goal was to reveal the hidden crimes in Bahrain toward the civilians. Two weeks after, I’ve got 1,349 members. Furthermore, I became a human rights activist at Bahrain Center for Human Rights in D.C. Without writing I wouldn’t be able to get that position.

     When you re-write an essay, article, or a book you can notice the mistakes, such as word choice, grammar errors, typos, or missing words. Moreover, by re-writing, you can get more ideas and concepts, which will help improving the writing skills. I agree that the process of writing is a lot like life because writing is like imagining. Just like when you dream about something and you want it so bad, you write about it.