Dividing students into small groups were a good idea, I’m sure it
helped everyone. Small group is a useful method to learn, discuses, and to
present new concepts and ideas. For example, if someone didn’t pay attention to
the teacher during the class, small group is a helpful review for him/her.
Small group helped me to develop my ideas and to gather different information
from the students. I used this information to support my essay sentences.

I think this type of essay is easier than others because half of
the essay is just copying information from a movie, letter, or article. The
rest of the essay is about an advice or a similar story. I ran of things that I
forgot to say in the essay, so I had to go back and see the movie again on
YouTube in order to get enough information to finish my essay. I have noticed a
little change in my writing skills, I feel comfortable with passing this class.
The most powerful thing in this class is the blogpost. It helps to build strong
confidence in you.