For whoever reading this, blogging is fun and I am sure you will enjoy it. When I wrote my first blog, I was really nervous because I thought that I was writing for a newspaper, or magazine. Then after writing couple blogs, I obtained self-confidence and wanted to keep blogging even after I pass this class. The good thing about that website is you can choose your own profile color and even you can put your picture as a background. Moreover, you can upload a picture or video above or under your blog, which will make your blog interesting. Don’t get nervous or stressed, just try to write good clean paragraphs and you will be fine.

Blogging helped me a lot as a human right activist at Bahrain Center for Human Rights, by paraphrasing, writing long argumentative comments, and sharing news at my own supportive page for the Bahraini revolution on Facebook, it called “I Support The Revolution In Bahrain 2011.”  Blogging has been an extra helpful practice for all of us because you can write whenever you want, and say whatever you want. Likewise, you can talk about yourself and your problems.

Before I took this class, I wished someone told me about the education blogging method, and also about how great Ms. Marty is. She is so smart and funny, responds quickly when you send her an email, and always smiling. You guys will have a great time at her class, but don’t forget to work very hard because she only likes smart students! Good luck 🙂

Here is the “Link” of my page on Facebook; you may want to take a look at it.