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Blogging is FUN


For whoever reading this, blogging is fun and I am sure you will enjoy it. When I wrote my first blog, I was really nervous because I thought that I was writing for a newspaper, or magazine. Then after writing couple blogs, I obtained self-confidence and wanted to keep blogging even after I pass this class. The good thing about that website is you can choose your own profile color and even you can put your picture as a background. Moreover, you can upload a picture or video above or under your blog, which will make your blog interesting. Don’t get nervous or stressed, just try to write good clean paragraphs and you will be fine.

Blogging helped me a lot as a human right activist at Bahrain Center for Human Rights, by paraphrasing, writing long argumentative comments, and sharing news at my own supportive page for the Bahraini revolution on Facebook, it called “I Support The Revolution In Bahrain 2011.”  Blogging has been an extra helpful practice for all of us because you can write whenever you want, and say whatever you want. Likewise, you can talk about yourself and your problems.

Before I took this class, I wished someone told me about the education blogging method, and also about how great Ms. Marty is. She is so smart and funny, responds quickly when you send her an email, and always smiling. You guys will have a great time at her class, but don’t forget to work very hard because she only likes smart students! Good luck 🙂

Here is the “Link” of my page on Facebook; you may want to take a look at it.


Blind in the Woods


That trip was the best trip I have ever had in my entire life. Walking blind through the woods with a guide is an amazing experience that builds a good trustful relationship, between the guide and the blind person. First when my partner Sylvia put the bandana on my eyes and I couldn’t see,  I felt a little of fear because I have never tried walking blind before. After walking for couple minutes with a guide, I felt safe and confidence because my guide was cooperative person. She gave me the trust that I was seeking for by giving an accurate details about the roads and its obstacles. Moreover, she let me to touched the trees and leaves while I was blind. During the walk, I didn’t really smell anything, but I heard birds were singing over my head it was fantastic. My favorite part of the trip was when Admin brought Ms. Marty blind to us without telling her that we gathered at one spot to scare her. That trip really gave me an idea about how blind people feel and think. It’s so hard to live without seeing the beautiful things around you.


“Happiness is not something readymade; it
comes from your own actions.” Dalai Lama. I really loved reading this
story “The Woman with the Hair” This lady had only three hairs and
she kept losing one hair every day until she got bald. The good thing about
this story is that the lady is not embraced from having a single hair on her
head. Every day was a perfect day to her, I wish if I was bald so that I can
have a good day every day. That story taught us a good lesson, which is long,
shiny, colorful hair doesn’t make the lady happy. That lady enjoyed her day
without feeling something is missing in her body, however hair is the most
important thing in the woman’s body. A lot of things could make us happy, such
as having good health, job, love, and family.

     Fault generalization is when a person says or mentions something about group of people that considers the whole community. I always hear from friends, family, and co-workers fault generalizations all the time, such as “Arabs live in a tent in the desert” or “Americans are fat” and the most fault generalization that makes me mad all the time “Muslims are terrorists and they did 9/11” That phrase really hurts millions of Muslims worldwide. As a Muslim, I believe in peace and equality. However, I know who bombed 9/11 is a punch of radical Muslims who have had their brain washed by special group of dangerous Muslims called “Wahabis.”  Wahhabism, was developed by an 18th century Muslim theologian (Muhammad ibn Abd al-Wahhab) (1703–1792) from Najd, Saudi Arabia. That group of people expanded their illegal activities to the world, and they started making problems between Muslims and Christians, also, between Arabs and Americans. They
don’t apply the exact Islamic rules; also they don’t follow Prophet Mohammed’s sermons.

     9/11 shocked everyone especially my cousin because one of his best friends died in that day (Tuesday) the Twin Towers of the World Trade Center in New York City; collapsed within two hours, which caused over 3,000 murders. But, what kind of people that killed in that fatal attack? A lot of different people with different ethnicities died. Believe or not, according to my researches about 62 innocent Muslims died. I wish that people and especially Americans understand that Muslims are not the same, there are good and bad Muslims.

Henry Louis Gates Jr


What happened to Dr. Gates is unbelievable; I was shocked all the time. That incident may
happen to everyone no matter what is his/her color of
skin, religion, nationality, or culture. Dr. Gates had a very terrified
 experience with the cops, they didn’t let him to explain or at least introduce himself as a Harvard scholar, however he showed his ID, but they didn’t believe him. I really feel sorry to Dr. Gates that shouldn’t happen to him in this way. Police should have waited to make sure that he is the real criminal before handcuffed him. It was a
real face of racism against African-American. I know
most of the crimes happened by black people, but police must know that there is good back people around us. I hope this incident won’t happen to everyone because it’s shameful.

Sweet Land

Dividing students into small groups were a good idea, I’m sure it
helped everyone. Small group is a useful method to learn, discuses, and to
present new concepts and ideas. For example, if someone didn’t pay attention to
the teacher during the class, small group is a helpful review for him/her.
Small group helped me to develop my ideas and to gather different information
from the students. I used this information to support my essay sentences.

I think this type of essay is easier than others because half of
the essay is just copying information from a movie, letter, or article. The
rest of the essay is about an advice or a similar story. I ran of things that I
forgot to say in the essay, so I had to go back and see the movie again on
YouTube in order to get enough information to finish my essay. I have noticed a
little change in my writing skills, I feel comfortable with passing this class.
The most powerful thing in this class is the blogpost. It helps to build strong
confidence in you.

Poverty vs. Education

“Poverty is the worst form of violence” Mohandas Gandhi. In America, many of us believe that everybody should get equality when it comes down to education. One of my best friends back home had hard time to get his bachelor. He was married and has four kids. He had to work two full time jobs in order to pay his bills and his family’s expenses. He was dreaming to be a dentist. I remember once he told me “If I became a dentist, my family will have a lot of money” I smiled and I was thinking in my head he will never even get his bachelor. Not because I didn’t trust in his abilities, but he had no time to study. Years and years had been gone, and I lost the connection with him because I left my country. After six years he called me, and I was so excited and surprised. We talked for an hour, in the end he said “I became a dentist” I was speechless for a minute, my tongue couldn’t move from the happiness. His secret of being a dentist is the hard work, ambition, and sacrifice. He used to work all day and study all night. He became my idol, and definitely an inspiration.

I’ve had many teachers that were trying to pour knowledge and information in my head. I don’t support that idea because it’s useless. I believe that education should be taught in the easy and simple way. Teachers should use the newest technology to teach students, such as internet and efficient materials. By explaining and presenting the subjects, students will obtain the concepts of the subjects quickly and easily. Furthermore, they might want to get the highest ranks of education.

Freire, meant by “knowledge construction” is that student must do well in school and work hard, in order to get their degrees to become strong and reliable people in the future. Education is like a loaded gun, you can use it anytime and in anywhere. I love to read books and watch videos about medical equipments. Long time ago, I learned how to use artificial inspiration method. Four months ago, my uncle had a big party; I went his house to have fun and to swim in his pool. After an hour, I got tired, so I went inside the house to play video games. Then, five minutes later, I heard my grandma screaming “Call 911”. I went to the pool and saw one of my friend’s son laying next to the pool and was conscious. I went to the little boy to try the artificial inspiration, after many attempts he woke up. I was really happy and couldn’t sleep that night; I felt I was a hero. Without reading books and watching medical videos, I wouldn’t be able to help that little boy.

Writing and Life

     Can you live without writing? I can’t. Writing is like you have another trustful friend that you can rely on.  By writing, the person can expose his/her problems, secrets, and funny incidences. Everyone makes mistakes while writing, that why we need other helpful sources, such as dictionaries, grammar books, and instructor. Writing helped millions of deaf people worldwide, by typing books, magazines, letters, and articles. Writing helped me personally.  Recently, I created a supportive page on Facebook to the Bahraini revolution. That page’s goal was to reveal the hidden crimes in Bahrain toward the civilians. Two weeks after, I’ve got 1,349 members. Furthermore, I became a human rights activist at Bahrain Center for Human Rights in D.C. Without writing I wouldn’t be able to get that position.

     When you re-write an essay, article, or a book you can notice the mistakes, such as word choice, grammar errors, typos, or missing words. Moreover, by re-writing, you can get more ideas and concepts, which will help improving the writing skills. I agree that the process of writing is a lot like life because writing is like imagining. Just like when you dream about something and you want it so bad, you write about it.


Analysis or analyze, mean to inspect or look over something again in order to get the satisfied results. Also, analysis means to decide whether something is useful or bad. For example, if I was asked to analysis whether having an exotic fast car is good or bad. I would say having an exotic fancy car is good; however it might kills me because it’s super fast. I think there is a difference between analysing something and just thinking about it. Thinking about something is an idea or illusion that only happens in our imaginary world. Analyzing something is to observe something carefully and to break it down into pieces in order to get its meaning.

Lately, I have analyzed my relationship with my girlfriend. I found out that I don’t need any relationships at this period. I need to be focused on my study, work, and family. Having a girlfriend in my opinion is wasting of time. My girlfriend and I, used to hang out all the time. I couldn’t get my college papers done,  had to reduce my work hours, and couldn’t spend more time with my family and friends. Analyzing that problem helped me a lot. Without having a girlfriend I can study more hours and take more classes, increase my work hours, and be with my family most of the time.

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