My name is
Ali Saleh, I am originally from Baghdad, Iraq, but I consider myself Libyan
because I grew up and lived in Libya for eight years. I have been living in
Richmond, Virginia for three years; I don’t like it here because Richmond is
like country. Everything is slow and boring; I wish if I could live in Florida
or California. Currently, student at J. Sargeant
Community College
in Biology, and then I’ll transfer to Virginia Commonwealth University.  I love to play soccer, ping pong, and my
favorite habit is reading about politics, especially about the Bahraini
revolution. I volunteer as a human right activist at Bahrain Center for Human Rights;
moreover, I’ve created my own supportive page for the Bahraini revolution on
Facebook. It calls I Support The Revolution In Bahrain
that page shares news, videos, pictures, and opinions in
Arabic and English. I encourage everyone to go visit it and read about what’s
really happening there.