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Blind in the Woods


That trip was the best trip I have ever had in my entire life. Walking blind through the woods with a guide is an amazing experience that builds a good trustful relationship, between the guide and the blind person. First when my partner Sylvia put the bandana on my eyes and I couldn’t see,  I felt a little of fear because I have never tried walking blind before. After walking for couple minutes with a guide, I felt safe and confidence because my guide was cooperative person. She gave me the trust that I was seeking for by giving an accurate details about the roads and its obstacles. Moreover, she let me to touched the trees and leaves while I was blind. During the walk, I didn’t really smell anything, but I heard birds were singing over my head it was fantastic. My favorite part of the trip was when Admin brought Ms. Marty blind to us without telling her that we gathered at one spot to scare her. That trip really gave me an idea about how blind people feel and think. It’s so hard to live without seeing the beautiful things around you.



“Happiness is not something readymade; it
comes from your own actions.” Dalai Lama. I really loved reading this
story “The Woman with the Hair” This lady had only three hairs and
she kept losing one hair every day until she got bald. The good thing about
this story is that the lady is not embraced from having a single hair on her
head. Every day was a perfect day to her, I wish if I was bald so that I can
have a good day every day. That story taught us a good lesson, which is long,
shiny, colorful hair doesn’t make the lady happy. That lady enjoyed her day
without feeling something is missing in her body, however hair is the most
important thing in the woman’s body. A lot of things could make us happy, such
as having good health, job, love, and family.