“Poverty is the worst form of violence” Mohandas Gandhi. In America, many of us believe that everybody should get equality when it comes down to education. One of my best friends back home had hard time to get his bachelor. He was married and has four kids. He had to work two full time jobs in order to pay his bills and his family’s expenses. He was dreaming to be a dentist. I remember once he told me “If I became a dentist, my family will have a lot of money” I smiled and I was thinking in my head he will never even get his bachelor. Not because I didn’t trust in his abilities, but he had no time to study. Years and years had been gone, and I lost the connection with him because I left my country. After six years he called me, and I was so excited and surprised. We talked for an hour, in the end he said “I became a dentist” I was speechless for a minute, my tongue couldn’t move from the happiness. His secret of being a dentist is the hard work, ambition, and sacrifice. He used to work all day and study all night. He became my idol, and definitely an inspiration.

I’ve had many teachers that were trying to pour knowledge and information in my head. I don’t support that idea because it’s useless. I believe that education should be taught in the easy and simple way. Teachers should use the newest technology to teach students, such as internet and efficient materials. By explaining and presenting the subjects, students will obtain the concepts of the subjects quickly and easily. Furthermore, they might want to get the highest ranks of education.

Freire, meant by “knowledge construction” is that student must do well in school and work hard, in order to get their degrees to become strong and reliable people in the future. Education is like a loaded gun, you can use it anytime and in anywhere. I love to read books and watch videos about medical equipments. Long time ago, I learned how to use artificial inspiration method. Four months ago, my uncle had a big party; I went his house to have fun and to swim in his pool. After an hour, I got tired, so I went inside the house to play video games. Then, five minutes later, I heard my grandma screaming “Call 911”. I went to the pool and saw one of my friend’s son laying next to the pool and was conscious. I went to the little boy to try the artificial inspiration, after many attempts he woke up. I was really happy and couldn’t sleep that night; I felt I was a hero. Without reading books and watching medical videos, I wouldn’t be able to help that little boy.